SiteGround VS Bluehost For WordPress – Which Is Better?

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Thinking of starting a website with either siteground or bluehost yet cant decide
which host to choose?

Don’t sign up with any of these hosts before you watched the video.

Did you know only one of these hosts is constanstly being rated as the #1
host in almost every wordpress facebook group poll?

Stay tuned, because we will reveal the answer in a second


And you probably watched a few tutorials, and now decided to start your

Now you’re left with too many choices for your webhosting company
but I will make everything clear in this video and explain the pros
and cons of each hosting company + what I think you should choose
catered to what’s important to you, your budget and plans for the website.


Let’s start with the general facts (no I’m not talking about when they
were founded or how many employees they have) but with some
actually interesting background information.

Bluehost is owned by a company called Endurance International Group
(short EIG) the same company that owns
a couple of other big webhosting brands such as Hostgator


So while I’m still happy with the performance of bluehost hosting
that is definitely not the case with Hostgator and maybe one day
EIG decides to cut down on their costs with bluehost and then
the performance drops as well.

I don’t want to bash bluehost – that’s definitely not the case, and I still
recommend and use them myself – yet it’s just something I think that
needs to be said so you are aware of it.

Next it’s important that WordPress both recommends them. That’s not something
one hosting company has an advantage over the other but still a fact and speaks
for the performance and service these 2 companies deliver to their customers.

And last but not least the fact that Siteground reigns the polls in every
aspect and almost every wordpress group out there. Hundreds of people rank
various webhosting companies in independent facebook polls and apparently
SiteGround gets ranked #1 again and again and again


Let’s check out the results.

As you can see SiteGround scored 1 more point in Pagespeed Insights than
Bluehost – not too big of a deal but SiteGround still won this test.

Yet if you check out the loading times at Pingdom, SiteGround is running laps
around Bluehost.

The advantage in regards to performance gets even more apparent
if you were to take a look at the GT Metrix results where SiteGround is almost
300% faster than Bluehost.

We got a clear winner in the Performance category.


The regular prices of the cheapest hosting plan these 2 hosting
companies are the following:

$9.95 / month for SiteGround and $7.99 / month for Bluehost

As of right now they are running a promotion and I also make
sure to always update the webhosting deals section and links in
the description with the latest promotion they are
running – so you always get the best deal for your money.

The special offer prices are way cheaper. So for the 3 year plan
prices are:

$3.95 / month for SiteGround and $2.95 / month for Bluehost

The monthly price for SiteGround stays the same if you only choose
12 months yet the price for Bluehost rises by $2

locking in at $4.95 / month if you only stick with them for 1 year.

Also if you don’t own a Domain name you will have to get one, SiteGround
does not offer you a free Domain whereas if you sign up with Bluehost
they include a Domain free of charge, so you can save $10 to 15 if you
purchase their webhosting.

It really depends how long you are willing to stick with a hosting company
and if you need a domain name but in regards to pricing i’d say bluehost
has a slight advantage

Now let’s sum this up:

Both hosting companies are recommended by WordPress, so they both are doing
a great job for their customers.

SiteGround knocks out Bluehost when in comes down to performance… big time.

And in regards to pricing, well it really depends, but I choose not to declare
a winner in this category.

The overall winner of this comparison is SiteGround, but here’s a quick
breakdown who you should choose depending on what you’re looking for.

If maximum site performance is very important to you and you can afford to
pay a little more, sign up with SiteGround. Our special deal links will give you the
option to sign up with them at a very competitive price.

If you really have a tight budget, go with Bluehost, choose their 36 month
plan and get the free domain. That way you can save approximately $51 compared
to SiteGround.

Also we have a special partnership with Bluehost where we can help you get up and
running and perform our speed optimization service. If you are interested in that
just check out the FREE WordPress Setup Link in the description.

With that being said, was a pleasure talking to you and see you soon

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